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Staring Contest (With A Brick Wall)

This song is by High School Football Heroes and appears on the split album ¡Viva la Rock! (2002) by Premarital Sax and High School Football Heroes.

Doesn't like me, Doesn't call
Doesn't care for me at all
Never stops to just say hi
When he sees me passing by
Always out with all his friends
But I guess it all depends
'Cause when he's finished getting high
He said he might come over

Why does he treat me bad?
Does he make me sad?
Does he dress in plaid?
I never liked him anyway
Can you believe what he did to me?
What he said to me?
How he treated me?
I hope that he acts differently today...

I know I'll see him in the hall
I just bought this at the mall
I hope he likes it cause
I don't really like it at all
It doesn't matter what you say
'Cause I won't listen anyway
I'd rather talk to someone else
Who has an answer for me

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