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Rear View Regrets

This song is by High School Football Heroes.

Passing time sitting in my room
I can watch you fade away
But I'm not gonna put myself through hell...
I'm not gonna spend another day
Thinking everyone's better than me
When I know that they're gonna turn out just like me
With a hope and a shattered dream
And a last second thought about what they could have been

Why do I care so much?
Why do I try so hard?
Why do I stay up all night waiting for a call FROM YOU!
You're gone IT'S TRUE!
I won't believe it till I hear it come straight from you

Now I'm stuck thinking what to do
'Cause I know I'm just as bad as them
It's sad to say but true
Well I'll get myself nowhere wasting my time
On a dying cause that'll just go away with time
Until then I can wait it out like I've done until now
And I'll try to figure out

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