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My Heart Attack

This song is by High School Crush.

Like a cigarrette
I indulged when no one was looking
A deep breath of you
Started me choking
The minute that I let you in
You're a cancer
And you're filling my lungs
With you disease
And you're stealing
The life from my body
I look forward to wasting a way

And I, I'll wear all black
A color that's fitting of all
This pain that's unending
And I, should forgive and forget
That you are my biggest mistake
My biggest regret
And I, will wear all black
You're my heart attack

Like a wild fire
Burning a path of disaster
Fueled by the wind you burn faster
And nothing is spared from your flames
Will someone commit me?
This torture is driving me crazy
Strap me to a chair and abuse me
And pour some more salt on my wounds

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