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The Situation

This song is by High Holy Days and appears on the album All My Real Friends (2004).

I feel pretty incredible
Standing here in the vacuum of my life
It feels so odd to be alive
And the days they pass so quickly
I'm here I said I feel alright
But I can't sleep at night
So I looked and found I didn't belong here
And what a thing to do to your life
So I though and made my own invention
I thought I'd make a place in time

I can't believe the situation
I can't believe my eyes
Really think we lost our message
I think we sold our minds

And I know, it's just a show
And I know, it's just a show that we do
Talk about a mess here to crazy to save
So turn your backs and turn on screams of rage
Sex is drugs for teachers on the stage
And noise of nothing pleases
We become the wave

I can't believe the situation
I can't believe my eyes
Really lost the generation
I really lost the time

Make your words here rhyme
We can form their minds
Carve your face in time
I can feel your anger
It's not like their anger
Wake me up or never mind

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