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This song is by High Five Drive and appears on the EP ...Something Better (2002).

Time passes by
Nothing's changed
These four walls where I contain
Let them talk
I know the truth
Let them laugh
I know the truth
Words heard by me
Only me
A promise made deeper than you see
Am I still that child that I used to be?
Could I be that child I used to be?
Every time you call me down I
Turn around
I run
I'm scared
I don't want to feel this way ever again
Fade away
Words pierce like a dagger
Heart like a stone
We change to live not change to love
Give me time
I'll be a man
Put me down
I'll be a man
Try to pull down this wall I'm
More scared now than I've ever been to
Trust you
I've heard this before
Again and again and again and again and