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English PencilEdit

The fleetingly scattered light
Wakes us up now
The sadness makes a sound
And disappears from that place

Let's go, wake up to go, to the future that we don't know
Well, spreading our my wings, facing the wind
It's a jump start, bringing forth one and only power
Insecurity plus pride fly in my heart

It's fate that I wander, I weakly touch your smile
The instant that we embrace

Courage and hopes I love deeply
And memories that I strongly feel
Connect our intertwined hearts
It begins to move

The twinkling light shines
And wakes us now
Standing up, there is a sound
Carved in from that place

Undisappearing scars, I shake with loneliness and unease
I'm far away from life
And there are claws in my shaking back
I'm sure of it

Deep despair attacks me
And the night sinks into darkness
But even if my prayers are delivered
I'll continue to believe forever

I'm guided by the definite pride in my heart
Spreading my wings
I fly off into the sky
That I so strongly depicted

The twinkling light shines
And wakes us now
Sounds echo out
Carved in from here
I'll continue to believe forever...

Release yourself, tired from crying
Your prayers are communicated now
So move toward the future that's started to move
The road still continues on and on endlessly
Take it if you want
Shine vividly

Original (Japanese) PencilEdit

儚く散った光が 僕らを今呼び覚ます
悲しみは音を立て 消えるあの場所から

行くぞ wake up to go 未知なる未来へ
It's a 二つと無い力生み出し飛び立つ
不安プラスPRIDE胸に fly

さまよう運命 微かに笑顔触れて


輝く光が照らし 僕らを今呼び起こす
立ち上がり音を立て 刻むあの場所から

消せない傷跡 孤独と不安揺れて

深い絶望が襲う 闇に沈んだ夜でも
祈りさえ届くなら 永久に信じ続けよう

確かな誇りを胸に 僕らは導かれてく
翼広げ飛び立とう 強く描いた空

輝く光が照らし 僕らを今呼び起こす
響きあう音を立て 刻むこの場所から

祈りは今通じるさ だから
動き出した未来へと 進め
望むなら 手に入れろ
鮮やかに 輝いてろ