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​Same To You

This song is by Hidden In Plain View and appears on the EP Operation: Cut-Throat (EP) (2002).

Did you ever wish you saved
All the lessons that you gave
I'd give them all to you
Did you ever hope our eyes
Could be spared of all your lies
Well I've got news for you
Maybe we're just drained.

So now I'm sure I'd like to make
You feel the way I felt that day
If only I could do that to you
Maybe it would prove
That we are still the same
But maybe we're just drained.

Tonight, you know I've tried
But I'm tongue tied and I'm choking again.
This time I can't try because your
Twisting my words and I'm choking again.

You know I know that
And you know your weakness
Has made me weak
So understand this is something
That I won't let you forget.