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Oh Captain, My Captain

This song is by Hidden In Plain View.

Now I'll keep reaching for a time
When all the heart we've put in
Will find its way back to us
And fill our lives with feeling
It's a passion undescribed
A burning deep inside
So Lets live our lives
And suppress their words
We will hold our pride
Saying at least we tried

And you can't take that away
No matter what people say
You can't try to hold us down
We'll make it ours, we'll do it now

Today is your day
They just wont listen
There is no way, but your way
It's your words their twisting

And people keep putting in our minds
That this wont last forever
Lets give it our all, and let's do it together
Live for now cause its now or never
I've been reading between your lines
And I'm spitting our what you've fed to me
And learning how to live my own life...

You can't take that away
No matter what people say
They will never stop us now
We'll make this ours and prove how

Today is our day...

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