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This song is by Hidden In Plain View.

I can't help you
If you don't want me to
Cause you won't change
Unless you want to
But I won't stay
With you like this
What's happened to my friend
Where's the one I miss
Now the drugs take over
My stay is over
When you come down
I won't be around...
Your up and down
Your world has turned around
And now I feel like
I'm sick on a Ferris Wheel with you
I turned around
Now your on the ground
I can't deal on this Ferris Wheel
Should I worry about it
Or should I just I let you go
I feel like it's my fault
But I really don't know...
But I can't stay
In a world like this
What's happened to my friend?
Where's the one I miss?
Let me off this Ferris Wheel

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