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Stars Light

This song is by Hi Resolution.

From the moment I met you,
I wanted to be with you,
Now my world revolves around you.
(I see that starlight, shining in your eyes.)
It's like heaven to kiss you,
When you're absent I miss you,
I think about in all of my time.
(I dream of the starlight shining in you eyes.)

CHORUS (sing twice):
I see the stars light,
Shining in your eyes.
I know I love you and
It makes me wanna cry with joy

You are my angel,
And I'd do absolutely anything for you,
Just name the place and I'll be there.
(I see that starlight, shining in your eyes.)
You're beautiful I know its true
I know you don't, but know I do,
Everything I've dreamed of, manifested in you.
(That starlight, ever shining in your eyes)


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