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Soul Rebels

This song is by Reflection Eternal, features De La Soul and appears on the album Train Of Thought (2000).


We do not (under no circumstances) live for Hip-Hop
Hip-Hop, it lives for us
We don't, live for Hip-Hop
Hip-Hop, it lives for us
We don't, live for Hip-Hop
Hip-Hop, it lives for us
We "don't", live for Hip-Hop
"Hip-Hop", it lives for us
We don't, live for Hip-Hop
Hip-Hop, it lives for us
We "don't", live for Hip-Hop
"Hip-Hop", it lives for us

It's the Eternalist, y'all burn to this, blaze da dro'
Soul Rebels strap up, we got a long way to go
Before this here blow like a vol-can-o
We get eternal, this is what you "waitin" for
You try to front and play the role
When you more like a pimp who pay the ho
With my name up in your mouth like fellatio
I lace the flow on purpose to even up the ratio of Hip-Hop
To that shit they drop on the radio
Underground classics is what they used to say before
Now we break the surface "quiet" like an alligator nose
They hate it 'cause they know if they don't get it, then they may be slow
We still gonna blow like the horn played by Horatio
The stakes is three feet high and risin' like De La Soul
So I got Wonder Why, my man Dave and Maseo
We all got babies so, we embrace the taste of dough
But y'all already know so I ain't gotta say no mo'

(Chorus, Maseo)

(De La) is whatcha need, (Reflection) is whatcha need
We got the masters of the ceremonies
Blessin' emcees (lip professin' emcees)
From LI to Brooklyn to Cinncinnati, Hi-Tek and Kweli got this on lock D
(Let me hear you scream out loud) if you're somebody
Party to party, body to body
When we come into the jam we do it wildstyle

Yo! I'm homegrown for the bain, once I rock the mic plain
It's the extravaganza we glad you came
Made only for them heads, it's infra-red aim
For such a world figure, we got figures to gain
(Don't sleep on a nigga) I ain't Icabod Crane
Get that ass cooked hard 'cause we raw like Kane
Been known to mic spit, infinite per frame
While these girls throw me plenty, like jenny to jane
Ain't some old school G, poppin' memory lane
Been on it future robotic since the day I came
If you don't know Plug, Wonder Why is my name
Most recognized Leo with my size in mane
Matter fact, track is simple and plain
'Cause the complexities I freeze is too deep to detain
Reflect, Kwa-Tone Tek eternally in the game
(And De La?)
Oh fo' sho', we be shinin' the same

Y'all think these challengers is here to make a man fold?
Shoot I've been holdin' these joints since I was yeah-old
Came to confirm the fact that I been on the payroll
Stay cold, till one day make it hot and "fade" old
(Continue till I'm dyin', rottin' out gray and old)
I told them fools before they pass they have to pay toll
While I've been sittin' at the table eatin' steak whole, side of greens, baby yams
You know it stay soul, pre-natal
(But they want to come spit your way bro)
So, so? Was I supposed to go and say no? (Right)
Emcees, some walkin' straight, some take the gay stroll
I get my man to clamp they asses like they staples
I'm from LI, we take it far as out as Naples
And scrape hoes who be willing to take clothes "off" ("Off")
See once you bet-it all against reflects eternal you lose
Every rapper on a debt, "y'all" need to pay ya dues

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