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This song is by Heypenny and appears on the album Use These Spoons (2005).

Charging at the enemy,
I scream, I yell, oh yeah
Little intense now.
Wait till they get close to me
I'll give them hell, oh yeah
Oh yeah.

Spinning, jumping, look around
I think I'm winning
(That guy's gonna win, gonna win)
Soon they all will hear the sound
Of all my laughing, loving.

Secreterror is my middle name
Middle name, middle name, that's my middle name
I will fight for good, I'll save the day

So won't you come along with me
Away, away, oh yeah
So far away, away
You can be the beauty
And I'll be the hero, yeah
Oh yeah.

I will go protect the land
And fight for my lady, beautiful
Beautiful lady
When I come back I'll take your hand
We'll walk through our city, yeah

Though my body lingers here
Where my eyes only see
All of these things and they're bringin' me down
I just gotta get out where I'm leaving, abandon ya

I can't find a better place, yeah
I think I'll go save the (day?)

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