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This song is by Heypenny and appears on the album Use These Spoons (2005).

Radio what do you want to play?
Let me in, I gotta sit down for a minute

I know a bird that has flown away
How do you ????

Wait till the planning committee hears
Tear it up, and start out again on another

Tell me again, what he said for years?
Frightening, how does she stay under cover?

Tell the radio,
There'll be no more adorning
Wear your black clothes
We're a nation in mourning

He gave her a candle and made the day
Honestly, those are the things you remember

And writing a poem is another way
Romeo, again and again all a winner

What does it take to forget a war?
Everyday, everyone hearing about it

What does it take to forget a love?
Everything wanting to go on without it

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