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Police Police Me

This song is by Hey Mercedes and appears on the album Loses Control (2003).

The motor buzzes in the basement,
behind a curtain,
behind a wall.
Upstairs the crowds have all,
gathered to see,
how they can make money off tragedy.

Police police me.
It's so easy

Heads hover above podiums;
nobody understands that they don't stand a chance.
The glow of this show is alarmingly charming.
And the stars are all smiling;
it's disarming.

Police police me.

And all the while,
we're waiting,
for something like a sign,
from the hole of lost control;
from our overmade minds--come on, go.
Goodnight bloodsuckers.
Sleep tight in your traps.
The cheapest trash gets bought so fast
The cops and the criminals,
the safe and the stray--they all mix in the ditches anyway.

Police police me.

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