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It's Been A Blast

This song is by Hey Mercedes and appears on the album Loses Control (2003).

Cluttered little head and
I'm living in bed and
I'm awaiting on an operation.
So help me operator.
Will you try it again?
I'm in desperations arms.

I know that it's late and
She's not awake,
But i've never ever been more ready.
Pick up the phone,
I gotta tell you.

I remember one night in you parents' ride
Under the light of the passing airplanes?
In the freezing cold,
R forever was told,
It came out in plain air.

So bottle, never fear cause
I've commandeered the number of your new beau's home.
Are you ever there?

Miss runaway.
Get back to me.
I've never needed you more
Than right away.
Babe, it's been a blast
My new muse,
She'll be so unamused.
But I've been bruised in the map of the memory,
Maybe her mail's a remarkable mess,
She'd get back to me by now,

So bottle, never fear
Cause I've commandeered the number of her new beau's home.
But is she ever there?

Miss runaway,
Get back to me.
I've never needed you more
Than right away.

Babe it's been a blast!
Write back.
All the arguments are not the same without you.
I don't care if you don't care cause
A messed up man must do what he needs to.

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