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​Hey Kid!

This song is by Hey Hey Melodica! and appears on the single A Song of Broken Notes (2007).

Hey kid, you're such a liar
Those pictures that I saw
Plastered on your wall
Weren't unfortunate at all

Hey kid, don't keep me guessing
You swore you'd make it work
I felt like a jerk
When I thought I missed your call
But you... you never even called

The first day of December
When you turned twenty-four
You were beating down my door
Going on about some war

That evening when I kissed you
We both had had enough
You were acting tough
You tried to drink a little more
Then we both drank a little more

And you told stories that
I swear I've heard before
At least six or seven times

We walked an our to
The closest liquor store
But we got there as they
Were turning off the sign

This basement is a prison
A cell I've built myself
It still beats the hell
Out of hiding someplace else

Hey kid, don't be a hero
I got some time to serve
You'll get what you deserve
But for now just save yourself
Just run off and save yourself