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Time To Go

This song is by Hey, We'll Wear It!.

Thinking of things that you wish you forgot
Throwing away all the things that she bought
You come across a pretty charm box
She said, "it holds my love and trust me, there's lots"
So you set it down and walk away
And despite how you feel
You know it's time to go
You know it's time to go
You turn your back on everyone
Betraying yourself, you start to run
You can't fight the urge, so you turn around
Hope drains from your face
When there's no one to be found
No one to be found
You lost your life when you lost her love
Looking at the moon and the stars above
You know that it's her, that it's her you miss
You see a shooting star, so you make a wish
You wish, you wish, you wish
That she would hold you again

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