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Little Boy You're Going To Hell

This song is by Hetfield.

Little boy at peace/what is this place....beyond the stars?
Open up you're eyes/what are these're moving toward?
Head so full of wonder/worries in the past
Could it be that you are free at last?


Little boy you're going to HELL!
You said bad words/ threw rocks at the birds
and now this is your hotel!
You aint goin' back/this aint disneyland/it's HELL!

Little boy it's time for you to PAY!
For hurtin' that bird/not goin to church
and starin' at boobs all day
You aint goin' back/ now you must stand in HELL!

Hell isn't good/Hell isn't good/HELL!
ooh Hell isn't good/Hell isn't good/HELL!

(Adolf Hitler) Assorted german words
(George Burns) Hey Fuckface have you seen Gracie?
(Mohandas "Muhatma" Ghandi)Today, orderlyness in the universe

oh Hell isn't good/Hell isn't good/HELL!

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