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The Riddle

This song is by Hetero Face.

I waited on that bench beside the backstabing scene kid girls and guys.

Just when the whole thing penalised, for why I never realised that

Before I never could have known

This option I would later blow.

Cameras out for the real jokes

Laughter in store for the real blokes.

Oh I would disappear for a day, as far as they can say, I'd spend the day with you, we can even look at shoes.

Oh he's got some growing up to do, well I can show you what I've been through, and you can understand why I'm not short of hands, this is not an exam.

Where were they to tell the story?

They snored in their heads, it was getting boring for them. For them.

Where were they to say I love you?

With no real time apart from when they pretend they do. They do.

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