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​Nothing But Your Dignity

This song is by Hetero Face.

Whilst the hairdresser spends years tarting your missus for fifteen times what you'd pay

Someone in a mini skirt walks past and you can't help but wipe the water off the window pane

In the adam and eve the end is luck, making sure they done exactly what it said on the photo.

The local hobo walks past in an attempt to steal a video game.

After counting up his pennies to buy the tips and cheats magazine.

Tired of realising that he'll never have the console.

With a sign wanting acid and a playstation 2.

Imprisoned in indepedance, only complains when its cold.

But I didn't get a word of that...

The empty cans drank to see reflections,

When will he learn that he found it empty.

The bus stop early club will never learn to have enough.

The ginger bread man filled packed lunch box is enough to get you beaten up

I have a cure for your fantasy, and she really has a name,

Something for your headache but that you don't need to concentrate.

You can walk around now you have someone and actually force a smile.

For whom you will travel with before she finds another plastic tramp now that's what you've become.

You'll end back on your own

She'll later appear on Jools Holland,

You wont see it though as you have no TV,

What you can't see can't hurt you, so she won't tell you anything.

Peace is a distant memory as she'll come back to take everything as a settlement.

You'll walk the frozen paths with nothing but your dignity

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