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Heard From London

This song is by Hetero Face.

I saw it as an end of era, its more a way to laugh at Vera

Changing all the things though I'm humming with the mockingbird

Squaky cleaning all things before she comes around

I wrote her name on the window of my greenhouse

Kicking, every move I make 'cause I know I'm not losing nothing here

Driving past the ruins of what used to be my something here

You and I should take a stroll, when we get cold, oh you should know, I'll hold you, girl

Get a pen and jot this down just like John did when he heard me shout his name from London

She liked to drink vodka like water in the snooker club

Marching with her tribe of smackheads well they think they're cubs

Bouncing off the walls just to see if the they're made of matresses

I'll miss the pisstake but can't I just get home again?

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