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Walk Away

This song is by Hesitant Ballad.

Wasting your time by looking away
You never denied it, you asked me to wait
You gave me a glance, you gave me a smile
You took your chance, and now you're alive

You take your time by looking away
Holding your hand I just stop and say

Walk away
From this city that's all dressed in blue
We're together, just me and you, oh
Walk away
We'll be better then ever and I
I'll be yours babe and you will be mine, oh
Walk away

Wasting your mind while trying to survive
But deep in your heart you're always alive
Painting our bed with tangerine dreams
We're not afraid by all these streams

Taking our time
Walking away
We'll try to fly
Never to stay
Just hand in hand
With nothing to do
Like sea and sand
Just me and you

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