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You Can Only Take It So Far

This song is by Heroes Wear Helmets.

Sunshine on a bloody puddle
Spent your whole life in the gutter
Reaching for the stars seemed possible when you were younger
Haven't looked to the sky in some time
Constantly kept in a bind
The product of an abused mind

Sycophants and salivations
Unorthodox interpretations
Distinctions made from intimation
Unsure of what is real

Everything is going to shock you
When everything is something new
When everything has been abused

Sideways glances right and left
Left you feeling quite bereft
Too often honesty feels like theft
It takes away possibilities
It makes it all seem wrong
It's hard to make a wager when the choices are all gone

Deliverance and deviance
Finding things don't make much sense
Bribery and recompense
Aren't always hand in fist

Everything comes back to you
Everything you've been is through
When mediocrity has been improved

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