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Take The Thoughts

This song is by Heroes Wear Helmets.

Written by Pat Book
Performed by Heroes Wear Helmets

Write it down
Then say it aloud
Discover the size and the breadth of each sound
Hear yourself speak
And reduce it all by 3
Decide on your place inside of me

Look at me
Weigh the bags beneath my eyes
Emotional assistance to the pain of my cries
Destroy the sky
The still-burning horizon is a decision to try

I've never understood just how your mind works
No matter how I try I can't see the dark that lurks
I never tried to tell you
How you should or shouldn't be
Your thoughts are like a light shining deep inside of me

I take the time to care for you
While you slowly burn out
You rise up again before me
And take the thoughts that count
Turn them around until they warp and distend
I promise I'll take them all back in the end

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