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​Pull In Case Of Emergency

This song is by Heroes Of Heartache.

One step footprints slowly walking with my head down my face fallin' like the rain falls fast from the sky lord please help me shed me your light bad things happen to good people you rush with haste take the sequel love and sorrow come together nothing gold can last forever

Please take these broken wings and throw them all away ... I need an angel to take these shadows away

Bust out the pastels of blue black and white and color the sky the way it really is tonight... I'm so transparent existing here in the cold zippers aren't my fashion I'm feeling over exposed like the roll of film in your drawer full of pictures taken in the corridor ... of all your old friends it's been forever... did that really happen how come things never got better ... may I ask who I'm speaking with you know it doesn't' even matter... 'cause you don't obtain the answers don't taint my altered recollition killin' it with repitition like a radio friendly tune its destined for doom...