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I Can't Change The Past, I Locked My Keys In The Delorean

This song is by Heroes For Hire and appears on the album Life Of The Party (2010).

So here we go again, the same old story (lets just get straight to the part)
The part where everything is over (and you leave me in the dark)
It may have killed us but we tried, it's time to put this all behind, and move on.

There's no turning back, we're past the point of no return,
And I can't forget, each lesson left that I have yet to learn

So keep telling yourself that I need you,
One day you will wake up to yourself and then you will see,
For me this is just the beginning, for you it's the end,
Just remember your nothing to me (nothing to me)

So here we go again, but now your falling (and I'll watch you come apart)
And you've got nowhere to go now, (now we're back where we were at the start)

Let go, let go, forget about the past (it's time to move on, it's time to move on)
Let go, let go, take what you have left (of your dignity, of your dignity)