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​When They Awake

This song is by Hermit Age and appears on the album Sinnocence (2005).

(Lyrics: D.V.)

Your pride paint the sky with a bitter emptiness
Enter my cold world of desire
Close the embrace with my heart
Whispering the infinite
My children spread my shadow
When they awake
Look into my powerful eyes
It hurts you
You need me like I almost need you
Turn off the light and I grow more
I made your beauty with my own hands
My voice only guides them to you
So you master of reborn
Forgot I am I since the beginning of times
I made you to walk with me
In the corner of the minds
Together we could kill the king
And we could be one forever
My divided
Look at yourself and see me
Flying through your wishes and desires
Crying too when they awake
And I never sleep...