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​Strong And Serene

This song is by Hermetic Vastness and appears on the album Hermetic Vastness (2005).

(Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre)

I know who you are that walks on the mist.
In woman form, but a seducer.
Singing this melody and enchanting the mortals.
The death is so beautiful under the moonshine.
When the currents are calm...
It's time to pay attention...
In the sky co's something will happen...
Ravens will fly, the danger will echoes in the wind

Only the disturbed and fragile men
Are afraid of strong and serene melodies
The emotion is stamped in corpses faces
That are trapped in iron birds cockpits

The flowers perfume that decorates the scenery...
Enhancing the homenages in sanctuary...
Where men and birds are tumbed...
Surely the melodies are strong and serene.