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​Devastating Winds Of Apocalipse

This song is by Hermetic Vastness and appears on the album Hermetic Vastness (2005).

(Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre)

Sorcerers sing forbidden songs with a single voice
Invoking forbidden spirits, celebrating the pentagram
Slender angels are armed to defend the giant fortress
The true light is also in the dark like the dark is in the light.

Black angels fly through... sky like free eagles
Enslaving the souls that... die on anathema
At this day that sunset will be in sunrise
Time stops and goes back, sunrise will be in the west!
With the brothers we toast the conquest victory!
With the enimies remmants we share the toast!
Our victory we celebrate... drinking together his own blood
Saluting the great spírits co's... just the strongers will survive

Devastating winds of apocalipse... apocalipse...
Devastating winds of apocalipse... apocalipse...
Sunrise at sunset... the scenery to the day of abduction...
Sunrise at sunset... the ascension of the rebellious on light...