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Adoption Boy

This song is by Hermano.

To you, the son I love, my boy
Don't say he lost the right
If he did he just might
When the times comes you, the son, so lost
The boy who walked out today is gone away
So far, so long

Orphan boy who lost the right
Whose parents were killed and drowned a lie
Oh when the time comes you, you lost the way
The boy who only walked today was just too weird
My boy was lost, never to find a home
He was lost, my boy, my boy

Why yes it was a mercy
When the time comes to you, you find, my boy
The adoption man will find it in you
So far away, so find my boy, oh
So lost, my boy, my boy

Written by:

David Angstrom; Steven V. Brown; Michael J Callahan; John Garcia; Chris Leathers

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