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​Red Blue Eyes

This song is by Herman Düne and appears on the album Mas Cambios (2003).

I'd shave my face into clark gable's
But I wouldn't be at my best
I do my talking at coffee tables
I like a setting sun in the west
Now don't you hate it when people are not what they seem
I love it when water doesn't turn into steam
My breed is a melancholy one
I'm skinny and slow with a hairy chest
I only want the hole in one
I like a setting sun in the west
Now don (t you hate it when you waste your brain playing games
I love it when people just sound like their names
I try to open my red blue eyes
Always on time at least
I like my songs alphabetized
I like a rising sun in the east
Now I love it when night falls on hoboken
It will fall again, truer word was never spoken