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​Nova Scotia

This song is by Herman Düne.

There's a vision I have [baby]
Printed on your mesh hat [baby]
Not the name of an indie rock band [baby]
Not a gas station in novascotia [baby]
And the vision is gold [baby]
And the vision it shines for me [baby]
It is words from my very own heart [baby]
And it is louder than a TV, and it says:
"That woman is the woman, there is no other woman
Don't look for another woman, david it's true" [it's true]
And in the vision you're scared [baby]
And in the vision you've been hurt before [baby]
And you pretend you're tough [baby]
And you tell me to fuck off [baby]
But there's a halo around your neck [baby]
There's some Z-rays coming out of your breast [baby]
And it's like a vortex on the wall out there [baby]
And they call me through the turn-out (?) and they say:
"There's no way you're scared, there's no way you get hurt
There's no way you're tucked (?), and I fuck off baby it's true
Baby it's true, baby it's true"