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​Nickel Chrome

This song is by Herman Düne and appears on the album Giant (2006).

Amongst the goods
And high explosives
Men women and children make their way
Accross the woods
Where the troll lives
Who never sees the light of day
I'm making my home
My little passion pit
In the middle of other people's brains
Nickel, chrome
And iron and hit
By heat and light and heavy rain
There's nothing like the sun
There'snothing like the sun
Trough the window coming in
There's nothing like the sun
There's nothing like the sun
And the sunlight on your skin
We drove
Past the jailhouse
Past the judgement past the crime
Along the cove
Along the giant's eyebrows
I wasn't in service at that time
I ran on the high wire
Stayed focused on the pain
From the frying pan
And into the fire
Then into rehab and back again
I'll quit
And make a way
I'll do that on a rainy day
I'll quit
I'll make way
But only on a rainy day