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From The Richest Planet

This song is by Herman Düne.

I came from the richest planet in a silver pick-up truck
And I left a land of wealth cause there was not that much to do around
And I parked up in the alley where it seemed to be safe at night
And I fell asleep to the thought that I would never go home
That I would never miss anyone, that I will never get bored
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of a simple life
Snoring, snoring, snoring like a ferry boat
When it leaves the shore and everybody on the deck is taking pictures
And when I woke up I had cramps I couldn't move my legs
But when you're 6 feet 4 there is no backseat that you can use as a bed
I felt grumpy and couldn't find a daily where to buy a coffee
And all I could get from the can dispenser was a diet pepsi
I reached in my pocket for a quarter to make a few phone calls and see what was going on
And then I remembered the promise I made to never need anyone
Sticking, sticking, sticking to the rules I've made up
Cursing, cursing, cursing against the entire world
Standing all alone, wearing the same shirt than the day before

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