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​Everyday Bliss

This song is by Herman Düne.

Everyday bliss is not remembered
I know exactly how my belly aches
You rang a couple of times before I answered
I coughed, I moaned and I shaked
I didn't really want to hear your stories and facts
But I needed your voice so I asked
We did it in the woods near sleepy hallow
It was cold, at sundown the dinner was served
It was dark but the leaves were still yellow
And every little sound was heard
Then we had to make it down to the river and back
When the dead of the night had turned black
The near thought of you makes me cry
It fills my heart with a sour mirth
I can't get over the fact that you will die
And there will be nothing left on earth
So I have to keep away on my own account
And love all days now they are my owns