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​Burn Burn

This song is by Herman Düne.

(Burn baby baby)
I pet my dog
I make some coffee
I put a seven inch on
The way it has to be
I sing a song
I call my brother andré
Seems like he's having fun
In new york motherfucking city
He met a man
He says he knows me
From the time
When I was happy
It hurts
Makes me feel stupid
Makes me wanna go home
Right by the chimney
Burn fire, fire burn for me,
Burn fire, fire burn for me
I'll pour some wine
I'll pour some whiskey
Some triple sack
I make myself sick
I make myself ill
For you baby
But then I had a gun
From my closet
Get some shooting done
Just for practice
You say "shotgun" first
And then you get the good seat
And then we're driving 'round, overspeed
I'm gonna show you
What I can do
With a Japanese car
From 1976
I can take the sidewalk
I can take the bridge
I can take the wall
I can take the river
You can give me some "Jesus"
You can give me some "motherfucking Christ"
I want a record
I wanna meet some police
And make the man make me feel bad
Worse than before
I wanna meet my enemy
I wanna meet the fire
Burn fire, fire burn, burn for me
Burn fire, burn for me, fire burn for me
Burn fire, burn for me