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Turn Off the Light (2000)Edit

Herman Düne - Turn Off the Light

Turn Off the Light

  1. Our Smell Lingers
  2. Drug Dealer in the Park
  3. You're So Far From Me
  4. I Do the Crabwalk
  5. Shakespeare & North Hoyne
  6. World of Workers
  7. Ulrika's Body
  8. A Hundred Times Better
  9. As Long as Fakers Rule
  10. From That Night
  11. Slight Miscalculation

They Go to the Woods (2001)Edit

Herman Düne - They Go to the Woods

They Go to the Woods

  1. The Right Path Lays Open Before Me
  2. They Go to the Woods
  3. By the Door of the Temple
  4. Heed the Wrath
  5. From German Streets to a Danish Bed
  6. I Look at You at Night
  7. Strange Plot
  8. I'll Come Back When I Come Back
  9. Deer Wild Baby
  10. For the Night
  11. Black Dog

Switzerland Heritage (2001)Edit

Herman Düne - Switzerland Heritage

Switzerland Heritage

  1. Two Crows
  2. HD Rider
  3. The Speed of a Star
  4. Blinded
  5. Black Cross
  6. Little Architect
  7. Martin Donovan in Trust
  8. Going to Everglades
  9. Not Knowing
  10. Pukka
  11. With a Tankful of Gas
  12. Coffee And Fries
  13. After Y2K
  14. Expect the Unexpected

Mas Cambios (2003)Edit

Herman Düne - Mas Cambios

Mas Cambios

  1. With a Fistful of Faith
  2. Red Blue Eyes
  3. Show Me the Roof
  4. My Friends Kill My Folks
  5. In the Summer Camp
  6. In August
  7. You Stepped on Sticky Fingers
  8. Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day
  9. At Your Luau Night
  10. Winners Lose
  11. The Static Comes From My Broken Heart
  12. So Not What I Wanted

Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom (2003)Edit

Herman Düne - Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom

Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom

  1. New Jersey Cross Concrete
  2. On the Knick
  3. Monkey Song
  4. Let Me Pry
  5. All About You
  6. Not That Big a Story
  7. Futon Song
  8. Metal Mash
  9. Why Would That Hurt? (If You Never Loved Me)
  10. Taking Taxis in Winter Clothe

Not on Top (2005)Edit

Herman Düne - Not on Top

Not on Top

  1. Little Wounds
  2. Not on Top
  3. Had I Not Known
  4. Walk, Don't Run
  5. Slow Century
  6. This Will Never Happen
  7. German Green
  8. Recording Farfisa
  9. You Could Be a Model, Goodbye
  10. Seven Cities
  11. Good for No One
  12. Orange Hat
  13. Whatever Burns the Best Baby
  14. Eleven Stones
  15. Warning Spectrum

Giant (2006)Edit

Herman Düne - Giant


  1. I Wish That I Could See You Soon
  2. Nickel Chrome
  3. 1-2-3 / Apple Tree
  4. Bristol
  5. Pure Hearts
  6. No Master
  7. Take Him Back To New York City
  8. Baby Bigger
  9. This Summer
  10. Your Name / My Game
  11. By The Light Of The Moon
  12. When The Water Gets Cold And Freezes On The Lake
  13. Giant
  14. I'd Rather Walk Than Run
  15. Glory Of Old
  16. Mrs Bigger

Next Year In Zion (2008)Edit

Herman Düne - Next Year In Zion

Next Year In Zion

  1. My Home Is Nowhere Without You
  2. Try To Think About Me
  3. When The Sun Rose Up This Morning
  4. When We Were Still Friends
  5. On A Saturday
  6. My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks
  7. Lovers Are Waterproof
  8. Next Year In Zion
  9. Someone Knows Better Than Me
  10. My Best Kiss
  11. Baby Baby You're My Baby
  12. (Nothing Left But) Poison In The Rain

Strange Moosic (2011)Edit

Herman Düne - Strange Moosic

Strange Moosic

  1. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
  2. Ah Hears Strange Moosic
  3. Be A Doll And Take My Heart
  4. Where Is The Man?
  5. Lay Your Head On My Chest
  6. Monument Park
  7. In The Long Long Run
  8. Your Love Is Gold
  9. The Rock
  10. Just Like Summer
  11. My Joy
  12. Magician

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Birthday Song
  2. Burn Burn
  3. Coming From The Attic Window
  4. Crazy While
  5. Do The Swimming Dragon
  6. Don't Let The Big Men Hurt You
  7. Everyday Bliss
  8. From The Richest Planet
  9. I Wish I Could See You
  10. Just Improving Myself
  11. Like Baby Cubs
  12. Mud Cubs Will Melt Anyway
  13. My Brand New Bike
  14. New Jersey Fake Id
  15. Nova Scotia
  16. Sheer Wonder
  17. Song For The Family
  18. Take Me To Your Little Country House
  19. These Arms Are Mine
  20. Time Of Glory/ Nyc
  21. Your Priorities

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