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The Most Beautiful Thing in My Life

This song is by Herman's Hermits and appears on the movie soundtrack Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter (1968).

I thought everything was groovy in my own little world
Now I find my eyes were closed until the day I met this girl
But the moment I caught site of her
The light of her
The bright of her
I could she would be
The most beautiful thing in my life

Where she walks, the earth is greener
And the clouds all run away
And she brings a little sunshine
Into everybody's day

You know every time she's close to me
She glows to me
Arose to me
A shining star, she is by far
The most beautiful thing in my life

And when she gives me a smile or a touch
Who'd ever think little things mean so much

Yesterday belongs to someone else
Today belongs to me
I guess that it's my turn at last to know
How sweet that love can be
It's thrilling love
A chilling love
An ever-warm phorphilling love
And in time, she will be mine.
The most beautiful girl in my life, in my life
The most beautiful girl in my life


Written by:

Kenny Young

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