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​The Honest Citizen

This song is by Here Today Gone Tomorrow.

Walking down the street and I see a stoner rising to his feet he looks at me with his glazzy eye's and he say's "hey man do you wanna get high" I looked at him and I let it out:

No I don't do crack,
Don't do coke,
Don't do heroin,
Don't smoke dope,
He looked at me and he said "man you're a joke.

He started to roll a joint and up came a cop cruiser out came the cop and the stupid stoner ran away so the cop looked at me with his hand on his gun and he said "come on lets see your stash son"
I looked at him and I let it out:

I said "what the hell" and he said "your coming with me since your choosing to rebel" now I'm in jail and my cell mate says "hey man how did you get here?"I looked at him and I let it out: