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Cocaine Kiss

This song is by Here Comes The Gut Wagon.

These stilettos are standing on my neck! These decisions are weighing down my dick! Fuck that! I hope you like my hands around your neck! I hope you like my thoughts between your legs! You like that? I want to feel myself inside of you! I want to push inside 'til I break through! Yeah I do. So this is what I've been missing? Cocaine and cocaine kissing? So this is what I've been missing! My fantasy fuck and cocaine kissing! My fantasy fuck, the fuck fantasy! "Why don't you just fuck me?" she said, "come deep inside of me!" I'll come deep inside of her, I'll make her evening a blur, make her sore, I'll make her hurt. It's my Misses Rocky Horror sweatshop: fucking, scratching, bleeding.

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