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​Until the Kitchen Sinks

This song is by Her Space Holiday.

So I sit around in this lonely room
Hoping to god that I hear from you
But I won't, this time

And the phone doesn't ring
And all I can do is think
That you traded in a life of gold
For a pile of melting snow

We have been here before
But it seems worse this time
I thought you had made up your mind

I tried to be strong and look past this hurt
But with so many miles, we just have our word
So I'm going away to clear out my head
I hope that it's you that I see in the end

When I think about that day in Spain
And how happy you looked in those crystal blue waves
That is the girl that I'll always love
So soft on the inside with outsides so tough

So in the end, if we're what we choose
There will be a room waiting for you inside of my heart
You can lock all the doors and cry out your eyes
For the years you've endured

You're not the kid they said that you'd be
You're honest and thoughtful and move gracefully
I understand it's not a lack of concern
It's just a disease that drains all your worth

And we'll both make mistakes and we'll both shift the blame
But through it all, we'll still love the same
So maybe next christmas, after the tears
We'll lie in that bed all covered in bears
And we'll laugh about it
And we'll cry about it
And we'll think about it
And we'll forget about it

Written by:

Marc Bianchi