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​The Past Presents the Future

This song is by Her Space Holiday and appears on the album The Past Presents the Future (2005).

When I think about the world and how big it can seem I know I can get through it all with my best friend right next to me we started out as little kids and watched each other grow and anywhere I went with you I felt like I was home we won't worry about our future or fret about our past we'll enjoy our time together knowing that this quietness will last

When I think about my family and how much they've endured I want to wrap them in my arms and keep them safe and warm but they would never know this because I'm so far removed fixated on my bloodline I adopted my excuse it wasn't on the radio or on some TV show I used it for survival I'm learning how to slowly let it go

When I think about my enemies and all the time we waste suiting up in armor for the battle that we waged I want to pull my t shirt off and wave it in their face and yell out I surrender I no longer have the strength so let's rip up all the score cards and call the game a tie we'll both become the winners and walk away with a little peace of mind

When I think about my history a collection of events filled with important characters who mostly came and went regret is like a bill unpaid it controls your every move if you throw it into the violent see it will always come right back to you the past presents the future take your hands from your eyes so you can wave to all the people as you roll through what's left of your life

Good night to you
I'm going home

Written by:

Marc Bianchi