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No Heaven. No Hell

This song is by Her Nightmare and appears on the album No Heaven No Hell (2005).

No more what you know, no more how you feel, my past is well behind me,
And what was taught was not enough to break me, you can't say what's good or evil,
Don't tell me what's right or wrong, neither side gets y respect,
Living your rules never made my life better.
When my time comes I won't feel regret, when my time comes I won't try to save my soul.
There's no white light to guide me, no fire to burn me, just truth I can't escape.
I was taught of a brighter afterlife, and almost thought death was my re-birth,
Now I know what's real to me, I was taught of a brighter afterlife,
And almost thought death was something more, our time is up, we all end.
It ends.
No heaven.
No hell.

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