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Call To Arms

This song is by Her Nightmare and appears on the album No Heaven No Hell (2005).

My fists are clenched, my knuckles white, to all religion,
I take this fight, to the gates of heaven, to the gates of hell,
Neither will survive what I threaten.
I've choked I've coughed on all these lies, how can so many be so fucking blind,
Waited and prayed no one heard my cries, in the end it's me that fucking dies.
A call to arms if you've made mistakes, a call to arms if you if you know what it takes,
A call to arms to anyone that thinks, A fighting hope for lives like these.
Your god doesn't care your church doesn't share, shed your clothes, slit your throat,
No one's there.
I live now without regret, this anger I'll never forget, truer words have never been spoken,
I won't stop until you're broken.
I fell in line before but now I'm gone, its time to even up the score,
Listen to reason or you'll be fucking sorry, sorry in hell you've made for yourself.
For yourself.

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