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​The Definites And An Unknown

This song is by Her Last Words.

3rd grade was a lot of fun - what happened in the end - we thought these days would last - d and d - pool - and halloween laughs - and now that separates us is a distance - and our own different experience - so you did go with her - and I can't - forget - about you - our days were sealed as well - so long - a drinking pal - a van damme fan - had some things in common - that were the same - and now it seems to happen again - don't know the outcome on this one - is it just another phase - am I just to worrisome - in my eyes - and what I hear - don't know what's ahead - but I will make it through - and go on - like I've said - I feel you move on - can't believe these times are changin again - again - all the late nights that we spoke - from our connection to music - to our own inside jokes - to go east and west or north and south - never really occurred - I wish for the best - from the never ending trips - to leaving each other with helpful tips - you've definitely been there - and you might still care - I wish for the best - so long