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​Starting Over

This song is by Her Last Words.

Didn't think - I would find another - let alone - love another - you'll be the first - in awhile - to open my arms to you - seems like a lie - but the rhythm of flight - feels all so real - and your eyes - that paralyze this moment - like from moments before - and there after - how could you do this to me - I'm not suppose to love again - I must be taught (again) - to love again - how could you bring such sweet tears - and sweet smiles - and place those upon me - because of you - I have something to look forward to - because of you - I can say - "i love you" - its happening - once again - I understand - to a degree - and believe me - when I say - "I'll be there" - I'll be there on days that aren't great - I'll be there on days that you hate - from a past that's non-existent now - but you must let me in - you must let me learn - let me know how you feel - let you feel how I feel - to give and to take - to take and to give - for I care - for I will be there - no better time then now