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​Ms. I Love You Strikes Again

This song is by Her Last Words.

Burn everything in sight - so discontent - nothing make me happy - nautical stars - piercing screams of your name - tear it up - rip your name - to shreds - take my drawings - off your wall - yours fell from mine - when they turned to ashes - scratch my name - from your wall - scratch your name - from my heart - grade and lifetime - will never be the same - your name - engraved in my windshield - and it never leaves - it reappears in the steam - whether I want to see it or not - what's your definition of love and hugs - anyway - beg for me to stay - cry for me to come home - dread my return - dread my reaction - why does my disappointment hurt more then your own pain? - why do I put your happiness ahead of mine? - how could I - trust you - with something oh so important - and how did you manage - to break through the shield - I built around myself - for people like you - I left my heart in florida - bleeding on the ground - when you tore through my chest and ripped it straight out - your red heart turned black - as you felt its last beat - and squeezed the life from me - why do you tell me you love me? - stop screaming - I love you - these words have no meaning - I love you