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You Have Her Eyes

This song is by Her Breath On Glass.

Alarms break the city streets in two.
How did you survive? How did you survive,
Breaking into hospitals just to feel a little less insane.
Shake off these cots, you sleep, I'll drive.
Blood. Scars. Pills. Sultry looks. (The action of loopholes)
You are slurring your speech. Skipping steps.
(Anything to make an escape)
What makes you think this time is different.

I won't look away.
I won't look away.
I won't look away.
(This isn't just happening to you.)
I won't look away no matter how bad it gets,
Will it ever just let up (don't let them know it hurts.)
I found you laying on the floor singing
Weightless please come for me.
Weightless come for me.
Come for me.

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