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The Kiss Before The Crash

This song is by Her Breath On Glass.

This is the place where the ground rushes to meet you,
Soft as snow, rest now.
And this is the night after driving all day that I knew I could love you.
The night you showed me places you were afraid to go.
And taught me what a beautiful face erases in the blink of an eye.
Here is where desire spills through t-shirts like notches on your spine.
And here is where you caught me blushing so loud a word
Need not be spoken.
The smell on your fingers, the numbness of your lips,
The lazy way you walk.
We don't need to sleep tonight, one day we will all be ash.
There are no more bathroom mirrors and covered up skin.
No more glass walls you have encased yourself in.
Outside it is pouring and the snow is turning to steam.
As I look from my third floor window overlooking the boston skyline,
Swearing they will never take this from me.
I will write this all on the roof of my mouth.