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Sleeping Beauty

This song is by Hepburn.

me and my friends,
well we all agreed....
its the saddest thing,
that we've ever seen

do yourself a favor,
be a saviour,
to yourself
sleeping beauty

i hope you wake up soon
theres so much more i want from you
why don't you call me when you do?

Sometimes i wish you could go self-first
theres no knights in shining armour
we're all cursed, for better or worse

do youself a favour
be a saviour
to yourself
sleeping beauty

why don't you wake up soon?
there's so much more i want for you!
why dont you call me when you do?

feels like you've been gone
for a hundred years
its like your here,
but your not here!
sleeping beauty...

i want to wake up soon
its been too long
we're missing you
we'll always be here when you do
i hope your gonna wake up..soon